What I learned in my phlebotomy class:

  • How to answer the phone
  • How to wash my hands
  • “Phlebotomy” also includes urine and stool samples (damn)
  • Blood can be collected in tons of pretty tubes
  • The practice dummies are NOTHING like the real thing (especially the urine and stool samples)
  • Allow someone to stick you 6 times in one class and you will indeed look like an intravenous drug user

Today is the final exam for my class and I am thrilled! I should be studying, but as is traditional for me I’m going to cram and freak out at the last minute and all will be fine. I completed the 25 in-class jabs with successful blood draw and will be starting my externship week after next. Until then-

VACATION! I’m headed out of town and stopping to see family on the way, making my final destination Florida with more family. I’ll be in the middle of no-where, but that is not too far from Panama City so I’m definitely sneaking off to the beach.

(Just in case: there are no actual dummies for practicing the collection of urine and stool samples. It was a joke.)

Edit: Turns out it pays to check the weather BEFORE you make plans. Flood warnings/ potential tornados all through the pan-handle most of the time I’m planning on being gone. *Le sigh* Looks like the beach will have to happen another time, but the weather will certainly not put a damper on my vacation.


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